Local Support for Most Comprehensive Technology Offering

Partnership-based pricing model

We are committed to working with our clients as their true partners.

Personalized customer service

We provide local support and not virtual visits. Dedicated support contact for immediate resolution.

Committed to increasing your revenues and savings

Financial discipline, immediate revenue and claims processing, billing services

Single solution approach

Complete suite of products to save time, money, and administrative challenges

Fully compliant systems

Certified and HIPAA compliant systems. Bradoc keeps up with government and industry regulations.

Experience & Sustainability

30+ years of experience managing, supporting and servicing healthcare industry

Competitive Strength

Your Requirements



Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Local
  • Complete knowledge of your work style and staff familiarity
  • On-site
  • Telephonic with long hold time
  • Customer Service Reps don’t know you
  • No on-site support for any stat requests
  • Designers of Technology Designed by Doctors and CPAs serving healthcare industry. Technocrats, entrepreneurs whose focus is revenues or business first, quality of care second.
    End-2-end technology solution The only company to offer Integrated PMS + EHR + Telehealth solution Disjointed and 3rd party leading to support issues and out of sync implementation
    Experience & Sustainability Over 30+ Years in Business and with SNAPS resources we are empowered for future-proof growth Most of the new Cloud-based Healthcare firms have less than 5 – 7 years on-the-field experience; the smaller providers will lose out owing too much of competition & market consolidation
    Experience in Your Size of Operations Solutions tailor-made for small – medium size of clinics / hospitals. Big does not necessary mean beautiful. In fact, small means successful. Some of the players only serve larger hospitals and clinics.
    Ease of Use, Implementation and Maintenance 30 Years of experience has allowed us to incorporate most of our clients’ needs. Shortest implementation & on-boarding timeline and lowest learning curve for all the staff members Complex and long-drawn implementation timeline.
    Certification “Fully-certified” EHR Platform Some providers have few modules certified.
    Cost of Ownership Revolutionary Pricing Models:
    1. Charge Per Patient Consult (PPC) Model,
    2. Fixed Flat Fee (FFF) Model to suit your cashflow.
    Committed to being Your True Business Partner
    Typically a monthly flat fee model. They want their fees whether you see patients or not.
    Industry leading Telehealth Platform Refer to ConnectedVisits Profile. Increases your patient base and revenue base.
    Opens more opportunities for you to tie up Employers to offer your services to their employees in their offices / cubicles
    Either not available or uses 3rdParty application. Not available to increase your business potential
    Do your Services help us to Grow our Business and Revenue? Yes, there are three different ways we can grow / enhance your revenues:
    1. Through our Telehealth platform
    2. Through our efficient PMS platform and its multiple super productive modules
    3. Through our Outsourced Billing Services
    None or to a limited capacity
    How easy is it to Customize your technology? To begin with over a period of three decades, we have developed a score of standard template and reports for most of the generic and specialty clinics. Secondly we have dedicated resources both in our back office and on-site to work on your specific customization requests at an economical price points. Customization is never the focus. They are too busy with adding new clients and unless they do not get a mass of clients, they will not update / customize.
    Customization is always expensive.
    Lastly no one usually comes on-site to implement and train on any new custom development applications.
    Do you offer Billing Services? Yes – through our Outsourced Billing Services (OBS) with most cost conscious fee structured with guaranteed aging and accounts receivable performance.
    Refer to OBS Services Profile.